Mattes and miniatures on Japanese Films

Finding information about the history of japan matte painting is a very difficult task.  Most of the matte work made in Japan during the ’50s to ’80s is uncredited. I have found small pieces of information about some movies and a few matte artists.  If anyone has more information and want to share it, I will be very pleased to hear about it.


1954 – Gojira
1956- Rodan
1957- Chikyû Bôeigun /The Mysterians
1961- Mothra
1963- Kaitei gunkan / Atragon
1964- Mosura tai Gojira /Godzilla vs Mothra
1966- Terror beneath the Sea
1967- Kaijûtô no kessen: Gojira no musuko/ Son of Godzilla
1969- Nihonkai daikaisen/Great Battle of the Japan Sea
1969- Ido zero daisakusen / Latitude Zero
1973- Gojira versus Megaro
1978- Message from space / Uchu kara no messeji
1989- Gojira versus Biorante

Thanks to Mike Johnsons and Roger Todd.