A Passage to India (1984)


Director: David Lean
Original Music by Maurice Jarre
Cinematography by Ernest Day
Film Editing by David Lean
Production Design by John Box Herbert Westbrook (uncredited)
Optical Effects by Peerless Camera Company: Kent Houston / Robin Browne
Matte painting: Peter Chiang

Thanks to Kent Houston for his comments for the optical work made at Peerless Camera:
“In shot one the building, sea and land were separate elements- the “gateway” was either a miniature or painting- I can’t remember which.”

“This shot is entirely from artwork. No live action elements.”


“The night city view might be a matte painting but it doesn’t look like one of our shots.”


“There is a nice painting of the Malabar caves location to make them hang over more and make them look threatening.” (left upper part)


“The shots of the ship at the docks is an optical composite”

“The domes I don’t recall what the elements were (probably miniatures), but it was also a composite, and so is the other shot of the train.”


“Clouds and moon too are composites. Peter Chiang painted the moon.”