Superman (1978)

Director: Richard Donner
Cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth
Production Design by John Barry
Supervisor of mattes & composites: Les Bowie
supervisor of optical visual effects: Roy Field
Supervisor & director of special effects: Colin Chilvers
Supervisor of model effects: Derek Meddings
Zoptic special effects: Zoran Perisic
Director of process photography: Denys N. Coop
Travelling matte supervisor: Dennis Bartlett
Matte artist: Doug Ferris / Ray caple
Assistant matte artist: Liz Lettman
Matte camera operator: Peter Hammond
Matte camera operator: Peter Harman
Matte camera assistant: Keith Holland
Process systems: Charles Staffell
Flying systems & process projection: Wally Veevers
Additional model effects: George Gibbs
Illustrator: Ivor Beddoes



The matte painting work was made under veteran FX master Les Bowie supervision. Les Bowie painting on glass.

The final composition.


Many of the Fortress of solitude long views were painted by Les Bowie, with probably the help pof Ray Caple.

Superman_5 Superman_6 superI-1.

Les Bowie matte painting with a miniature section of a building with a faling helicopter.

Superman-after Superman-before

Other of the matte paintings made under Les Bowie.


Some other matte paintings

Superman06 copia Superman09 copia


A foreground miniature of rocks falling with a painting mountains at the right.


Superman093 copia Superman095 copia


Derek Meddings miniature planet Earth



Derek Medding painting his planet Earth rotating model used on several films.