Michele Moen

Michele Moen started as matte painter under Matthew Yuricich during the matte work for “Blade Runner” 1982.
“I was lucky that day the venerable matte artist, Mathew Yuricich, hired me to apprentice on Blade Runner. I washed a ton of paintbrushes and learned the classic art of matte painting, which has kept me busy for a quite awhile.We still keep in touch; Matt is living up in Washington and tells some really great movie stories.
Lately I’ve been working my way back towards illustration and drawing and painting as much as I can.”

Michele Moen worked during some years at Entertainment Effects Group as matte assistant of Yuricich. She latter went to work with him at Boss Films. As many others she changed to digital matte painting during the 90´s.

To know more visit her site: http://michelemoen.com

Michele with one of the paintings from Blade Runner.


Michele  working on a painting for “Batman Returns”




- 2012(2009)(matte painter)
- Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)(concept illustrator)
- Star Trek(2009) (matte painter: Svengali VFX)
- Watchmen(2009) (matte painter: Svengali VFX)
- Beverly Hills Chihuahua(2008) (matte painter: Svengali VFX)
- The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)(concept illustrator: Svengali VFX) / (matte painter: Svengali VFX)
- Charlie Wilson´s War (2007)(concept illustrator: Whodoo EFX)
- I´m a legend (2007)(matte painter: Svengali VFX)
- Interstate (2007) (matte painter )
- Eragon (2006)(matte painter)
- Apocalypto (2006)(digital matte painter: Svengali Visual Effects)
- Superman Returns (2006)(matte painter)
- Æon Flux (2005)(additional matte painter )
- Stay (2005)(matte painter )
- Sky Captain (2004)(matte painting supervisor) / (visual effects art director: R!ot)
- Little Black Book (2004)(matte painter)
- Angels in America (2003)(TV Mini-Series) (senior matte artist )
- The Scorpion King (2002)(senior matte artist: R!OT Pictures
- The One (2001)(matte painter )
- Bedazzled (2000)(matte painter)
- Gladiator (2000)(digital matte painter: Mill Film Ltd.)
- What Planet Are You From? (2000)(matte painter)
- Stuart Little (1999)(matte painter – as Michelle Moen)
- Babe. Pig in the city (1998)(matte painter )
- Armageddon (1998) (digital texture painter: Blue Sky/VIFX)
- Desperate Measures (1998) (matte painter)
- Event Horizont(1997) (matte painter: model unit)
- Mars Attacks! (1996)(matte painter: Warner Digital Studios)
- Multiplicity (1996) (visual effects matte department supervisor)
- Ace Ventura: When nature calls 81995)
- Species (1995) (matte department supervisor)
- Outbreak (1995) (matte department supervisor: Boss Film Studios)
- A Gnome Named Gnorm (1994) (illustrator)
- The Scout (1994)
- True lies (1994)
- Cliffhanger(1993)
- The lasty of the mohicans (1992)
- Batman Returns (1992) (matte department supervisor: Boss Film Studios)
- Alien³ (1992) (matte department supervisor)
- Solar Crisis (1990)(matte painter)
- Dick Tracy (1990) (matte artist: Buena Vista Visual Effects Group)
- Fletch Lives (1989) (matte painter)
- Abyss, The (1989) (illustrator)
- Vibes (1988)
- Monster squad(1989) (matte artist)
- masters od the Universe ( 1987) Matte artist)
- The Boy Who Could Fly (1986) (matte artist)
- Solarbabies (1986) (visual effects matte artist)
- Poltergeits II (1986) (matte artist)
- Fright Night (1985) (matte artist)
- 2010 (1984)(matte artist: EEG)
- Ghostbusters (1984) (matte artist: EEG)
- V (1984)(tv) (matte painter)
- Blade runner(1982)(matte painter)
- heavy Metal ( 1980) Background painter. Segment Taarna)
- “Fangface” (1978) TV Series (painter: backgrounds)