David Mattingly


After school, he worked at Walt Disney Studios, ultimately becoming head of the matte department. He worked on “The Black Hole”, “Tron”, “Dick Tracy”, Stephen King’s “The Stand” and most recently “I, Robot” for Weta Digital in New Zealand.
While at Disney Studios, David began doing freelance art. His first published piece was the album cover for “The Commodores Greatest Hits”David has produced over 500 covers for most major publishers of science fiction and fantasy, including Baen, Bantam, DAW, Del Rey, Dell, Marvel, Omni, Playboy, Signet, and Tor.After 20 years of traditional painting, David bought a computer ten years ago and has mainly worked digitally since then, preferring the powerful new tools that working digitally offers the artist. Most of his work today combines digital painting, and elements generated in 3D programs.
David is the author of The Digital Matte Painting Handbook, the first guide to digital matte painting. It is available through the web site for the book at: www.digitalmattepaintinghandbook.com.

David Mattingly  painting a matte for Warren Beatty´s “Dick Tracy”. The woman at the background is Michele Moen


Mattingly with veteran matte artist Peter Ellenshaw at work on a huge painting for Dick tracy.


Mattingly at Disney matte department working for The Black Hole.


David Mattingly: – Biography and art samples at his home page.


- I, Robot (2004) (digital matte artist)
- The stand .Stephen king (94)(tv)(Matte art)
- Dick Tracy (89)(matte art)
- Tron(82) (digital artist)
- Ghosts of Buxley Hall, The (1980) (TV) (portrait)
- Watcher in the Woods, The (1980) (matte artist: special sequence)
- Midnight madness(80)(matte art)
- Black Hole, The (1979) (matte art assistant)