Gerald Larn


By Gerald Larn:
“I spent 3 years studying at Farnham School of Art where I specialised in Painting. In my final year I won a competitive scholarship to the Slade School of Fine Art, University College , London .
After leaving the Slade School , I exhibited paintings in London at the Temple Gallery, Redfern Gallery and Selfridges Art Gallery .
In 1964 (age 32) I met Bob Cuff. He was on the point of leaving Shepperton to join forces and form a Special Effects company with John Mackie. He asked if I would be interested to step into his shoes and fill in the gap he was leaving in the Effects department at Shepperton.
After discussing the matter with Head of Department Wally Veevers, and showing him some of my work, it was agreed I should fill the vacant Matte Artist position.
Later, following the departure of Wally Veevers, I remained working in the Special Effects Department under Ted Samuels until the break up of the Studio in 1975.

Gerald Larn at Shepperton matte department.

studio1 studio3 studio4


1964 – Mr. Moses (matte painting)
1964 – The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (matte painting)
1965 – Dr. Who and the Daleks (matte painting)
1965 – Dr. Zhivago (matte painting)
1965 – Gengis Khan (matte painting)
1965 – A High Wind in Jamaica (matte painting)
1966 – Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (matte painting)
1966 – The Family Way (matte painting)
1966- The Spy with a cold nose (matte painting)
1967 – Casino Royale (matte painting)
1967 – Dr. Faustus (matte painting)
1967 – Taming of the Shrew (matte painting)
1969 – The Valley of Gwangi (matte painting)
1969 – Anne of the Thousand Days (matte painting)
1969 – The Best House in London (matte painting)
1969 – The Freak (Designed the wings to be worn by Victoria Chaplin on Chaplin’s proposed final film. Also storyboarded sections of the script )
1970 – Scrooge (matte painting)
1971 – Asylum ( Illustrations for the opening title sequence. )
1971 – Nicholas and Alexandra (matte painting, optical work, and typography for opening title sequence and credits.)
1971 – Macbeth (matte painting)
1971 – Tales of Beatrix Potter ( props and character costume production )
1972 – Tales from the Crypt (matte painting)
1972 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (matte paintings, and foreground glasses.)
1973 – The Final Programme (matte painting)
1973 – The Asphyx ( designed the object of the title “The Asphyx” )


Gerald Larn working on two paintings from Moll Flanders.

Larn flanders1a Larn- Moll Flanders matte flanders

Larn with the painting of Anne of the thousand days.

 Gerald-Larn copia