Bill Brace


Bill Brace worked at the FX house Project Unlimited run by Gene Warren snr, Tim Barr and Wah Chang. he was mainly matte artists but also made some FX design and painting miniatures.

Extracted from an interview with animator Don Sahlin.
“They had a guy in another room, Bill Brace, an artist, and he was doing all these matte paintings where the trees were blooming and the apples were growing. And he painted the future scenes, too, where you saw the topography of the land changing, and the Eloi temple being built. The whole dome of that was a painting matted in, and the stairway leading up to it was part of MGM’s old QUO VADIS set.”

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Bill Brace with the FX staff at project Unlimited. Photo from the Book “Dinosaurs, dragons and drama” by Jim Danforth.

Project Unlimited fx

Two paintings for The time machine.

TM15 TM17


- 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964)
- Jack the Giant Killer (1962)(matte artist – uncredited)
- The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962)
- The Time Machine (1960) (matte artist) (uncredited)
- Atlantis the lost continent(1960) (matte artist)