Sean Joyce

Before getting into ILM matte department, Sean Joyce made some matte painting works for David Stipes productions.

Photos and Text courtesy of David Stipes.

“These are Sean Joyce (pre ILM) images for “Tales of the Gold Monkey” David Stipes designed the shot and did all element and matte photography.
Sean did the painting as an employee of David Stipes Productions.
This was a rear projection comp. You will see on the painting only image that we used a very soft split through the sky and palm fronds.
The palms were blowing around.
The high speed smoke pass has not been added yet.”

Joyce_volcano joyce_Volcano2

Matte painter Sean Joyce working on a painting for “Willow” 1989.


With a painting made for the movie “Enemie Mine”. 1985.



- Greece: Secrets of the Past(2006) (Documentary short) (sculptor: Matte World Digital)
- Sexual Intent(1997) (visual consultant)
- Willow (1989)(matte artist)
- The Witches of Eastwick (1987) (matte artist)
- Star treck IV (1986)(matte art)
- Howard the duck(1986)(matte art)
- The Golden boy(1986)(matte art)
- Labyrinth (1986) (painted matte artist: ILM)
- Explorers (1985)(assistant matte artist)
- The Lost Empire (1985) (matte painter)
- Enemy mine(1985)(matte artist)
- The Jupiter Menace (1983)(Documentary) (matte artist: David Stipes Productions)
- Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982) (matte artist)(TV series )
- The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour (1980)(TV Series) (storyboard artist )
- Animalympics (1980)(assistant animator)
- El señor de los anillos (1978)(key animator)