Jenna Holman


Jenna Holman started to work as matte artist during the middle seventies. She painted mattes for David Allen’s unfinished project Primevals (1978).Latter on she worked at VFX house Universal Hartland, alongside with Dan Curry painting for TV shows like Buck Rogers (1979-80). She also worked very often with David Stipes who kindly sent me some of the pictures I’m showing here like the ones from The Nude Bomb.

Jenna Holman painting a moutainscape for “Primevals” the Unfinished film by  David Allen.


- Clifford (1994) (matte artist)
- Grand Tour: Disaster in Time (Timescape) (1992) (TV) (matte artist)
- Into the Sun (1992) (matte painting artist)
- Jagged Edge (1985) (matte paintings)
- The flight of the navigator (1985) (matte artist)
- The day after (1984) (matte artist)
- The Right Stuff (1983) (art supervisor: USFX)
- Caveman (1981) (matte artist)
- Scape from New York (1981) (matte painting)
- The Nude Bomb (1980) (matte artist) (uncredited)
- Buck Rogers in the 25th century (1979) (TV series) (matte artist)
- The primevals (1978) (matte painting)


Jenna´s painted house over the rocks for Jagged Edge.


Matte paintig by Jenna Holman for the film Nude Bomb (1980)Matte photography and composition by David Stipes.

1.plate shot.


2. matte out


3. the painting.


4. final composition



Jenna painted some aerial and stratospheric views for The right stuff.

Holmanrightstuff jholman2 JHolman3
For the film Caveman (1981) Jenna Holman painted mattes with Dan Curry and Rocco Gioffre.