Judy Jordan


She was at Shepperton matte department under Percy in the late 1940s through to the early 1950s. When Percy Day retired at 1951, she remained there under Wally Veevers until middle 50´s. For thew film The Fallen Idol -from 1948, Judy painted the ceiling of a building
Judy also did a couple of paintings on Bonnie Prince Charlie, both involving a village.

She left around 1954 to work at British MGM Studio under Tom Howard,  as Tarzan and the Lost Safari, Moulin Rouge – there’s a windmill shot that Judy did.

At 1959 worked as painting assistant of art director-matte artist Ivor Beddoes. That´s the only film I know where she has screen credits.


1959 Honeymoon ( matte painting)

With Tom Howard at MGM:
1958 – Tom thumb ( matte painting)
1957 – Tarzan and the Lost Safari ( matte painting)

Wally Veevers films at Shepperton:

1952. Moulin Rouge ( matte painting)

1948 The red shoes ( matte painting)

With Percy Day at Denham(until 1946) and Shepperton(1946-1951)

1948 The Fallen Idol ( matte painting)
1948 Bonnie Prince Charlie ( matte painting)