Doug Ferris


From Martin Body:

“The artist I worked with most often was Doug Ferris. We were both employed on Roy Field’s projects in the early to mid eighties: ‘Superman III’, ‘Santa Claus’, ‘Supergirl’, ‘Labyrinth’, ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’, ‘The Last Days of Patton’, Erik the Viking’, etc. In my opinion, Doug Ferris was possibly the best of the British matte painters.”

From John Grant
“Doug must be accredited with the introduction of the `soft matte technique` because in the early days, the painting was used as its own matte, this made it very hard for the camera crew as they had to wait for the artist to finish painting before they could start work. The introduction of the independent soft mattes made it possible to carry out much of the photographic work before the painting had to be photographed. It also made joining the original scene and painting easier as one did not have to contend with hard join lines, it also helped with camera unsteadiness. This was a great step forward and I don`t think Doug was truly given the credit for it.”


Doug Ferris was responsible for this painting  at 1997, probably one of the last glass painted traditionally.


provided by Doug Ferris and John Grant.

Shepperton Special Effects
1962 – The Day of the Triffids.
1962- The Victors.
1962- Heavens Above
1963 – Lord Jim
1963- Dr. Strangelove
1964-Bedford Incident.
1964- The Tomb of Ligeia
1964- Circus World
1964- Danger Man (tv series)

1965-Great St Trinians Train Robbery.
1965- The Skull
1965- Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.
1965- Dr, Who and the Daleks.
1965- The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders
1965- Monster of Terror.
1965- Genghis Khan

1966- Family Way.
1966- The Spy with a Cold Nose.
1966-Half a Sixpence.
1967-Dance of the Vampires.

1967- Oliver.
1967- Viking Queen
1967- Billion Dollar Brain .

1968-Best House in London (Town).
1968- Anne of a Thousand Days.

1969- Valley of Gwangi
1970-Dads Army.
1970- Scrooge
1971- Mr. Forbush and the Penquins

1972-Alices Adventures in Wonderland
1972- Creeping Flesh.
1972- The Asphyx
1972- Under Milk Wood

1973-Tales From The Crypt.
Bray Studios – for Vee Films
1974 – Mohammed, Messenger of God (Original Negative Painting)
1974- The Four Musketeers ( redoing Matte paintings originally shot in Spain)

1975- Rocky Horror Picture Show (Opticals, Lighting & Painting)
1975- The Man Who Would Be King(Paintings & Photo-Cutouts)
Shepperton Studios in Vee Film block
1976- The Prince and the Pauper ( foreground paintings in Hungary and split screens)
1977-The Medusa Touch (painting opticals and falling model cathedral)
1977- Man in an Iron Mask.
1978-Superman 1  (painting in association with wire removal, night shots, opticals)

1979- SOS Titanic (colouring B&W prints and opticals)
1979- Raise the Titanic (painting by Bob Spencer)
1979- Alien
1980-A Bridge too Far (painting aeroplanes & parachutes)

1980- Superman 2 ( mattçe painting)
1980- Elephantman Man
1982-The Keep (painting & opticals)

Optical Film Effects:
1982-Super Girl (painting & wire removal)
1984-Santa Claus (painting of snow scenes & stars, factories, New York streets & girls houses )
1986- Last days of Patton (paintng of ruins and military hospital)
1987-Labyrinth (14 paintings)
1990-A Kiss Before Dying (painting of the factory)
1990- Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (painting of castles)
1990- Ironclads.

JJ Images:
1986-Princess Bride (painting with Bob Cuff)
1987-The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (painting with Bob Cuff & Lee Took)
1988-Eric the Viking (painting and effects with Bob Cuff)
1990-Batman (paintings)
Other work during this period .Comercials : Green Peace Mont Blanc Wonder Green Power Foot-Locker Winalot Vitaweat Camel Cigarettes.Shepperton –
Magic Camera Company :
1990-Les Amant (paintings)
1993-Never Ending Story 3 (paintings)
1993- Princess Cariboo (paintings)
1994- Return of the Native
1994- Brother Cadfael (tv series)
1994- First Knight
1994- Judge Dredd
1994- War of the Buttons
1994- Charlemagne (miniseries)

1995-  Wind in the Willows
1995- Muppets Treasure Island
1995- City of Joy

1996-The Borrowers .
1996- Hamlet.
1997-Seven Years in Tibet