Toshiyuki Kimura began his artistic career in the film business in the late eighties. he learned the technique of traditional matte painting from master matte artist Yoshio Ishii.

“Yoshio Ishii is my master. When I was 23 years old I learned the method of drawing matte painting from him. He was a nice person and kind and he told me Toshiyuki. you are just a painter. You don’t forget the painter’s soul. this is the most important for you and our way. I painted old school’s matte paintings until 1993 or 1994″.

I always use cardboard as the base material., painting with acrylics. I learned from YOSHIO ISHI (matte artist), Koichi Kawakita( special effect dir.), and MINORU NAKANO ( visual effect supervisor)

He started to use PC to paint with Photoshop 4.0, and became a digital artist “Now I’m visual effect supervisor /Matte Artist/Concept designer/model maker, especially miniature model is so fun”. He was asked to make digital matte paintings for Spawn (1997) working for ILM.

“ILM is the most top of the VFX industry. I accepted the HELL matte painting shot and I had to finish looks like the ILM stuff. I made pre visuals and concept matte art and sent to ILM and dir, and they shocked and all was OK. I could deliver from TOKYO JAPAN .. didn’t move on here. Therefore I became a Visual effect dir. and concept/ matte artist on this movie CASSHERN . it´s just my fighting story about analog to digital. because I used it a lot of analog-style and shoot miniature and set, matte art and CGI mixed on it.”

Toshiyuki Kimura Filming Live action plate  at guiana highlands for the film REX.

rex fiming plate at


Two matte paintings byToshiyuki Kimura made for the film  Toki Rakujitsu (1992). Toki Rakujitsu. (Malin Post-Production/Copyright © SHOCHIKU Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.)

tokio raku 1 tokio raku 2

REX Kyōryū Monogatari  (1992)  matte painting composited image .


AKira Kurosawa´s Madadayo (1993)  matte painting  above moon and factory chimney and telegraph pillar and destroy town .

Madadayo 1 Madadayo 2

Kimura Matte painting  for Godzilla versus Mothra (1992)

Godzilla mothra 1b


1990 LADY BATTLE COP (matte painter: Malin Post-Production)
1991 The Great Shogunate Battle (matte painter: Malin Post-Production)
1992 Faraway Sunset TOUKI RAKUJITU (matte painter: Malin Post-Production)
1992 R E X (matte painter: IMAGICA)
1992 Godzilla vs Mothra (matte painter: Malin Post-Production)
1993 MIZUNO TABIBITO (matte painter: IMAGICA)
1993 Mādadayo (matte painter: Malin Post-Production)
1993 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, (Special Effects /Godzilla’s second brain design/modelar : Malin Post-Production)
1994 YAMATOTAKERU ( digital matte artist : Malin Post-Production)
1994Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (digital matte artist : Malin Post-Production)
1995 Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (digital matte artist : Malin Post-Production)
1995 TENSYU MONOGATARI (digital matte artist : IMAGICA)
1995 Sharaku (matte painter :IMAGICA )
1996 A C R I ( Image Board / digital matte artist ;Photon VFX/IMAGICA)
1996 ULTRAMAN TIGA (TV dorama/ digital matte artist )
1997 CATS EYE (digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE)
1997 SPAWN THE MOVIE (digital matte artist : EYEdentify /ILM)
1998 Galaxy Express 999:Eternal Fantasy (digital matte artist : EYEdentify /LOOPHOLE)
1998 THE RING (digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/BIG X)
1998 S A D A (digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/IMAGICA)
1999 Shinsengumi (digital painting :EYEdentify /LOOPHOLE)
1999 The Dimension Travelers (VFX/digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE)
1999 H A K U C H I -THE INNOCENT – (VFX/digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE)
2000 Thatary A Girl in Wonder ( ART Director / Concept Design / VFX supervisor / Matte Art :LOOPHOLE)
2000 Isola: Tajuu jinkaku shôjo (digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/BIG X)
2001 INUGAMI (digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/BIG X)
2001 St. John’s Wort – Otogirisou ( Concept Design / PAINTING :LOOPHOLE)
2001 The Hanging Balloons (VFX/digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE)
2002 Koiniutaeba (VFX/digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE)
2002 13steps (VFX/digital matte artist : LOOPHOLE)
2003 DORAGON HEAD( Concept design/digital matte artist):LOOPHOLE/IMAGICA
2003 MOON CHILD ( Concept Design / Matte Art :LOOPHOLE )
2004 C A S S H E R N (VFX supervisor / Second Unit Director / Concept Design /storyboard artist/Compositor/digital matte artist)
2004 Jiyuu Renai (Bluestockings) (VFX/digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE)
2005S H I N O B I ( Concept Design /Matte Art :LOOPHOLE/IMAGICA )
2005S Saishu heiki Kanojo ( Concept Design /Matte Art :LOOPHOLE )
2006 Warau Mikaeru Arch Angels ( Concept Design / digital matte artist/ VFX supervisor :Nice day)
2006 UDON ( digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE)
2007 Dororo ( Concept Design:LOOPHOLE/IMAGICA)
2007The Sword of Alexander ( Concept Design / Space Craft Design :LOOPHOLE/Nice day)
2008 The Chasing World ( Concept Design / Matte Art :LOOPHOLE)
2009 Kaiji ~Jinsei Gyakuten Game~(digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/ Malin Post-Production)
2009 Killer Virgin Road (digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/ Malin Post-Production)
2009 Black Kaisha ni Tsutometerundaga, Mou Ore wa Genkai Kamo Shirenai (Concept Design / Matte Art : LOOPHOLE/N-DESIGN)
2009Freedom Fighter GOEMON (Matte Art Direction / Matte Art
2010 Nanase Futatabi the Movie (Animation Director /LOOPHOLE)
2010  kaibutukun (TV/dorama concept design/digital matte artist
:LOOPHOLE /EDP graphic works )
2012 Ichimei /Harakiri: Death of a Samurai ( digital matte artist /VFX
2012 Kaibutsu Kun (VFX ART Director / Concept Design /digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/EDP graphic works )
2013 Seki Seki Ren Ren ( VFX ART Director / Concept Design :LOOPHOLE / NIPPON EFFECT CENTER)
2013 SPEC ( digital matte artist : LOOPHOLE/N-DESIGN)
2015 HITONI YASASHIKU ( VFX supervisor/Concept Design/Model Maker/Matte Art :LOOPHOLE )
2016 -L- Need your LOVE ( VFX supervisor/Concept Design/Model Maker/Matte Art :LOOPHOLE )
2017 INUYASHIKI (digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE /Picture Element Inc.)
2018 ERASED Netflix ( Concept design/digital matte artist :LOOPHOLE/IMAGICA)