Eric Critchley


“Ken Hill, Tony Common, and Eric Critchley all initially worked for the BBC painting backdrops. They all went freelance after woods and Erik went to the states where he was an instant success. He sadly died on a car accident.”

by Art director Bruce Hill. Website at:

- Dancing with myself ( 1984) (Billy Idol music video) For his matte painting work for Billy Idol’s Dancing with myself,  Eric Critchley was nominated for best special effects at the 1984 MTV video Music award.

dancing2 dancing4

- Billy jean (1982) ( Michael Jackson music video)The upper part of the building for Michael Jackson´s Billy Jean was a glass shot painted by Critchley, responsible also for the scenic painting.


- Gipsy (1982) (Fleetwood Mac  music video)   Glass shot by Eric Critchley for Fleetwood Mac’s Gipsy