Arseni Klopotovsky

Arseny. Klopotovsky


Born: August 29, 1924 in USSR
Died: January 1, 2013 (age 88) in Russia

He started his career as a visual effects artist in charge of miniatures and matte paintings and during the sixties, he moved to production designing.


Two paintings by Klopotovsky.

klop1 Klopt2

Two matte paintings  by Klopotovsky made for the film Avitsenna (1957)

Avitsenna.1957-1 Avitsenna.1957-2


Two matte paintings made  by Klopotovsky for Maria, the Wonderful Weaver(1960)

1 2


1985 Solntse v karmane / The sun in yopur pocket (Production designer)
1983 Polosa vezeniya / Lucky Streak (Production designer)
1983 O beshchayu byt!! / I promise to be!(Production designer)
1979 Den svadby pridyotsya utochnit / Wedding day will have to clarify (Production designer)
1978 Zamurovannye v stekle / Walled in glass (Production designer)
1976 Vsyo delo v brate / It’s all about brother(Production designer)
1975 Chestnoye volshebnoye / Honest magic (Production designer)
1972 Zolotyye roga / Golden horns(1Production designer)
1971 Derzhis za oblaka / Hold on to the Clouds (visual effects artist)
1970 Varvara-krasa, dlinnaya kosa / Barbarian beauty, long braid (Production designer)
1969 Troye / Three(Production designer)
1967 Ogon’, voda i … mednyye truby / Fire, water and … copper pipes(Production designer)
1965 Zhenshchiny/ Women (Production designer)
1965 Morozko / Frosty (Production designer)
1963 Korolevstvo krivykh zerkal / Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (Production designer)
1961 Khrustalnyy bashmachok Zolushki/ Cinderella (visual effects artist)
1961 Leon Garros ishchet druga / 20,000 Leagues Across the Land (visual effects artist)
1960 Mariya-iskusnitsa / Maria, the Wonderful Weaver(visual effects artist)
1959 Ya byl sputnikom solntsa / I Was a Sputnik of the Sun (visual effects artis
1957 Avitsenna (visual effects artist)
1956 Za vlast Sovetov / For the power of the Soviets (visual effects artist)
1954 Ob etom zabyvat nelzya / This Must Not Be Forgotten (visual effects artist)
1954 Sluchay v tayge / Incident in the Taiga (visual effects artist)