Mannix Bennett



2013 Elysium (digital matte painter: Image Engine Design Inc.)
2012 Life of  Pi (matte painter: Rhythm & Hues Studios)
2012 Hotel Transilvania (senior matte painter: Sony Pictures Imageworks)
2012 Chronicle (digital matte painter: Rhythm & Hues Studios – uncredited)
2011 Arthur Christmas: (senior matte painter: Sony Pictures Imageworks)
2010 Knight and Day(digital matte painter: Rhythm & Hues)
2010 The A team (matte painter: Rhythm & Hues Studios)
2009  Avatar(digital matte painter: Prime Focus VFX)
2009  New Moon  (digital matte painter: Prime Focus VFX)
2009 The Box  (matte painter: Pixel Liberation Front)
2009 Land of the Lost (digital matte painter: Rhythm & Hues)
2009 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (matte painter: Rhythm & Hues Studios)
Australia (2008) (matte painter: Animal Logic)
Speed Racer (2008) (digital matte painter: Digital Domain)
The Golden Compass (2007) (digital matte painter: Digital Domain)
Beowulf (2007) (matte painting)
Transformers (2007) (digital matte painter: Digital Domain)
Æon Flux (2005) (digital matte painter: Digital Domain)
Cinderella Man (2005) (digital matte painter: Digital Domain)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) (matte artist)
I, Robot (2004) (digital matte painter: Digital Domain)
The Day After Tomorrow (2004) (texture painter: Digital Domain)
Muhammad: The Last Prophet (2002) (background artist)
The Trumpet of the Swan (2001) (background artist)
Fantasia/2000 (1999) (background artist: journeyman)
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) (V) (background painter)
Quest for Camelot (1998) (background artist: United States)
Cats Don’t Dance (1997) (background artist)
The Pagemaster (1994) (additional background artist)
The Swan Princess (1994) (background artist)
Star treck the next generation (1994)(matte artist)
The Princess and the Cobbler (1993) (background artist)
The Babe (1992) (matte artist)
Newsies (1992)(matte artist)
Chaplin  (1992)(matte artist)
Hoffa (1992)(matte artist)
The Butcher’s Wife (1991) (matte artist)
Cape fear (1991)(matte artist)
Black or white (V)(1991)(matte artist)
Rock-A-Doodle (1991) (cloud tank effects: live action segments) (background artist)
All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) (model maker)
The Land Before Time (1988) (background artist)
An American Tail (1986) (rough animation inbetweener)