Howard A. Anderson Jr


Howard Andrew Anderson, son of Howard Alvin Anderson and brother of Darrell A Anderson.

After he returned from military service in WWI, his father moved to Los Angeles, where he was hired by Thomas H. Ince to work as a still photographer and second cameraman at Culver City Studios.
Howard A. Anderson Sr, was Founder of Howard Anderson Special Photographic Effects Company.

Darrell and Howard Jr, joined his father company sometime during the late 30´s and early 40´s. During the 50´s and 60´s they specialised on Opticals and photographic effects to TV series.


1971 – Earth II (TV Movie) (special photographic effects – as Howard Anderson Jr.)
1966-69 – Star Treck (TV Series) (visual effects – 80 episodes)
1969 – My World and Welcome to It(TV Series) (photographic effects – 1 episode)
1968 – The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz (photographic effects – as Howard Anderson)
1967 – Tobruk (special effects supervisor/miniatures – uncredited)
1962 -Taras Bulba (special photographic effects)
1962 – Jack the Giant Killer (special photographic effects)
1960 – The time machine (additional special effects/optical effects – uncredited)
1957 – Invasión of the sauser- men (special effects – as Howard Anderson)
1956 – Curucu, Beast of the Amazon (special effects)
1956 – Nightmare (special photographic effects)
1953 – Phantom from Space (photographic effects – as Howard Anderson)
1951 – El sendero de la muerte (special effects – as Howard Anderson)
1951 – The Man with My Face (special effects – as Howard Anderson)
1950 – Prehistoric Women (special effects photographer and creator)