Don Jahraus

An article of Don Jahraus with a short profile of him is included on ‘The ASC Treasury of Visual Effects’, pg. 99.
According to the profile Jahraus was the head of RKO miniature department in 1931 and remained there until 1937, when he joined the MGM. He was responsible of miniature effects for THE LOST SQUADRON, FLYING DEVILS, ACES OF ACES, THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, FLYING DOWN TO RIO, FLAMING GOLD at RKO, and for STAND BY FOR ACTION, THEY WERE EXPENDABLE and THIRTY SENCONDS OVER TOKYO at MGM, winning at Oscar for the latter.
He also supervised the train wrecks for DANGER LIGHTS and THE INVISIBLE MAN (staged by Charlie Baker at Universal), the aerial models for TEST PILOTS, the miniature settings for GREEN DOLPHIN STREET and QUO VADIS and the model ship for PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE.


1956 Gaby (special effects)
1951 Quo Vadis (special effects)
1948 Luxury Liner (special effects)
1947 Green Dolphin Street (associate special effects)
1947 The Beginning or the End (special effects)
1946 The Green Years (special effects)
1945 They Were Expendable (special effects – uncredited)
1945 The Valley of Decision (miniatures – uncredited)
1945 This Man’s Navy (special effects)
1944 Meet Me in St. Louis (miniatures assistant – uncredited)
1944 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (model maker – uncredited) / (special effects)
1943 A Guy Named Joe (special effects)
1943 Pilot #5 (special effects – as Don Jahraus)
1942 Stand by for Action (special effects – as Don Jahraus)
1939 The Wizard of Oz (miniatures – uncredited)
1938 Test Pilot (special effects assistant)
1936 Follow the Fleet (miniatures – uncredited)
1935 Romance in Manhattan (miniatures – uncredited)
1933 Flying Down to Rio (miniatures – uncredited)
1932 The Most Dangerous Game(miniatures – uncredited)
1930 Danger Lights (miniatures – uncredited)