Clark Schaffer


I’m a traditional FX/Matte artist with a great passion for the craft and artists of “how they used to do it.” I painted for a while early in my Hollywood career with greats like Bob Scifo, Syd Dutton, Jessie Silver, Ken Marschall and Ken Allen. Shortly after starting in the industry the computer killed the magic.


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2014- The Giver (Stunt Props/Fabricator)
2013- 95ers: Time Runners (miniature effects supervisor)
2012- HENRi (Short) (visual effects supervisor)
2012- Daylight Savings (model maker)
2010- Little Chocolatiers (TV Series) (special effects – 1 episode)
2010- Iron Man 2 (Suit Fabricator)
2010- Iron Man 2 (visual effects)
2010- 127 Hours Specialty Props)
2009- White on Rice (Art director)
2009- Gentleman Broncos (Model Supervisor)
2008- TTN: Passport Redrock (Short) (color illustrator)
2008- The Fly Boys (Model Supervisor)
2006- Big Dreams, Little Tokyo (Art Director)
2006- Big Dreams Little Tokyo (set designer)
2000- U-571 (Model Design, Model maker)
2000- U-571 (model maker)
2000- Red Planet (scenic model maker)
1999- Mystery Men (Visual Effects designer, model crew chief)
1999- Deep Blue Sea (visual effects designer: model supervisor)
1999- Blast from the Past (Model Maker)
1999- A Tribute to the Wizard of Oz (Video short) (set designer – uncredited)
1998- U.S. Marshals (Model Art Director)
1998- The X Files (Model Maker/Sculptor)
1998- Star Trek Insurrection (Designer/Illustrator
1998- Sphere (miniature construction design: Grant McCune Design)
1997- Dante’s Peak (Visual Effects designer/model lead
1997- Batman and Robin (model maker)
1997- A Smile Like Yours (Model Art Director
1996- The Long Kiss Goodnight (Visual Effects designer
1996- Memoria letal (design: Grant McCune Design)
1996- Larger Than Life (Matte Painter)
1996- Executive Decision (Visual Effects designer, model crew chief)
1996- Daylight (Visual Effects designer, model crew chief)
1996- Daylight (model maker: Grant McCune Design)
1995- Mortal Kombat (Model Art Director)
1995- Die Hard With A Vengeance (Model Art Director)
1995- Batman Forever (Visual Effects designer,Model maker )
1995- Batman Forever (model maker: Grant McCune Design)
1994- True Lies( Model Maker)
1994- Star Trek Generations (Designer/Illustrator)
1994- Speed – (chief model maker: Grant McCune Design)
1994- Richie Rich Model Maker/Scuptor
1994- Ed Wood (FX Prop Builder)
1994- D2: The Mighty Ducks (FX Prop Builder)
1994- Blankman (FX Prop Builder )
1993- My Boyfriends Back (Matte Painter)
1993- Cliffhanger (model maker)
1992 –Freejack (Concept Artist/Matte Painter)
1992- Bram Stokers Dracula (Model Builder)
1992- Batman Returns (Model Maker/Scuptor)