Cat´s Eye (1985)

United States

Director: Lewis Teague
Cinematography:Jack Cardiff
Production Design: Mentor Huebner/Giorgio Postiglione
Special visual effects: Barry Nolan
Creature supervisor: Carlo Rambaldi
Creature operators: Frank Schepler, Paolo Scipione, Steven Willis
Foreground Minitures: Emilio Ruiz
Model makers: Angel Arriola, Jacinto Soria

Rambaldi creature.

CatCreature CatCreature1 Catcreature2

Carlo with his creature.


For achiving the desired effect they buil oversized set. Director Lewis teague explained why. “Even though extraordinary things have been done with opticals in the recent years they are usually identifiable; audiences are usually sophisticated enough to spot them. In a total fantasy film, you can accept opticals; in Return of the Jedi you know there are opticals so if you identify a particular shot as a process shot, you’ll accept it. But Cat’s Eye, which is a fantasy in a contemporary, realistic setting, I tried to make all the effects as realistic as possible. So I’m avoiding blue-screens and matte shots like the plague.”

CatFangoria fx2 CatsFangoria fx

For the second segment they used foreground miniatures with Emilio Ruiz del Rio.

Cat's Eye 02cat-eye90a cat-eye90b cat-eye91 cat-eye92 cat-eye97

Model maker Jacinto Soria working on the building facade.