Battle of Britain (1969)

Director:Guy Hamilton
Director of photography: Freddie Young
Production design: Maurice Carter
Special effects: Glen Robinson /Nick Allder/ Cliff Richardson
Optical effects: Wally Veevers/ Ray Caple

Battle01 Battle02 Battle03 Battle04 Battle06 Battle07 Battle08 Battle09

Camera VFX Martin Body explaines that shot:
..this shot was one of Wally’s ‘sausage factory’ shots – ie: stills of the aircraft glued to a large sheet of glass with the background plate duped in the camera. Pass one would have had the aircraft stills front lit against black with just the raw negative stock in the camera (Kodak 5251), passes two, three and four would have the aircraft stills back lit against white with the raw negative and RGB separation masters bi-packed in the camera. Camera moves had to be repeated exactly for each pass on a camera dolly and head fitted with synchronised Selsyn motors operated from a central controller. It was, if you like, the forerunner of the Motion Control rigs commonly used today”.