Andrew Garnet-Lawson


I originally started at the BBC, where we were expected to do glass paintings as well as scenic work, as opposed to the states where they were separate skills. As a point of interest I was the first person to do a digital matte in this country. My brother in law lent me his Mac with photoshop on it and I suddenly realised that you could get an exact colour match to any image and that you could paste parts of one image over another and then work them together. I was working with The Mill occasionally on adverts using the old system and when the next advert came up I convinced them to give me one frame of the shot on a floppy disc, (shows how long ago this was), and did the matte on the Mac. No problems with lighting, no locking off of cameras for hours or days, they could just shoot and hand it over to post. What I found out later was that Industrial Light and Magic had done it 3 months previously, so they were first but we weren’t aware of that at the time. The last film I did was Snow White and the Huntsman, then I was forced to retire due to lung problems, too much spraying.



2012 Snow White and the Huntsman (scenic painter)
2005 Asylum (scenic painter)
2005 Mørke (matte artist)
2004 Gladiatress (matte artist)
2003 To kill a king (scenic artist)
2003 It’s All About Love (scenic artist: back drops – as Andrew Lawson)
2002 Puckoon (scenic artist)
2002 The Escapist (digital matte artist – as Andrew Garnett-Lawson)
2001 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone(matte painter: MPC – uncredited)
2001 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (digital matte artist – as Andrew Garnett-Lawson)
2001 Just Visiting (digital matte painting: Visual Factory
2001 Enigma (scenic painter)
2000 Chocolat (scenic artist – uncredited)
2000 There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble (scenic painter)
2000 Empires: The Greeks – Crucible of Civilization (TV Series documentary) (graphic designer – 1 episode)
1999 Sofies verden (model painter)
1999 Miss Julie (scenic artist)
1999 The War Zone (scenic painter)
1999 My Life So Far (digital matte artist: Mill Film)
1998 Hilary y Jackie (digital matte paintings – as Andrew Garnett-Lawson)
1997 Shooting Fish (scenic artist)
1995 Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life (Short) (scenic artist)
1988 High Spirits(scenic artist – as Andrew Garnett-Lawson)
1988 Madame Sousatzka (scenic artist – as Andrew Garnett Lawson)
1988 The adventures of Baron Munchause (scenic artist)
1987 Siesta (scenic artist – as Andrew Garnet Lawson)
1985 Brazil (scenic artist – as Andrew Lawson)
1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark (scenic artist)