Juan Alberto Soler


Spanish Art director Juan Alberto started his career at the late 30´s as draftsman at Orphea Studios in Barcelona. At the early forties he was assistant of Pierre Schild who introduced him on the use of perspective tricks like foreground miniatures, glass and matte paintings. Art director Juan Alberto used hanging miniatures very often for ceiling on his films during the forties and fifties. He executed also matte painting from time to time when required.

Juan Alberto (rigth) at Orphea Studios on the eraly 50´s


Matte shot of the upper part of the set for  Toto de Arabia.


Two matte paintings that Juan Alberto made for Gaudi.

gaudi gaudi2


1984 Una rosa al viento (art director)
1976 Deseo (art director)
1975 Clara es el precio (art director)
1973 Las ratas no duermen de noche (art director)
1973 Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli (art director)
1972 Un verano para matar (art director)
1971 Il corsaro nero (art director)
1968 Le rouble à deux faces (art director)
1968 Thompson 1880 (art director)
1968 Las Vegas, 500 millones (art director)
1967 Clint el solitario (art director)
1966 Surcof, El tigre de los siete mares (art director)
1966 Dinamita Jim (art director)
1966 Toto de Arabia (art director matte painting)
1966 Superargo contro Diabolikus (art director)
1965 Estambul 65 (art director)
1965 Una pistola per Ringo (art director)
1964 Les parias de la gloire (art director)
1962 La bella Lola (art director)
1960 Gaudi (art director- matte painting)
1958 Su propio destino (art director)
1956 La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días (assistant art director: Spain – uncredited)
1955 Lo que nunca muere (art director- matte painting)
1954 El duende de Jerez (art director- matte painting)
1952 Me quiero casar contigo (art director)
1950 Un soltero difícil (art director)
1950 Mi adorado Juan (art director)
1949 Doce horas de vida (art director)
1946 Aquel viejo molino (art director)
1944 Cabeza de hierro (art director)
1944 Sucedio en Damasco (assistant art director)