Jean Perrier

According to French art director Leon Barsacq, when Walter Percy Day returned to England there were two French artists whom continued to provide matte painting for French films.

One of them was FX artist Charles Assola, the other was art director Jean Perrier who executed matte paintings at some of his films when required.

Jean Perrier ( right) and director Raymond Bernard (left) with models for a set on the film Les Miserables (1934)


Percy Day  glass shot painted for art director Jean perrier on the film Le joueur d’échecs (1929) The Chess players.


For the film  Tartarin de Tarascon (1943) Perrier  made use of miniatures and matte paintings

tartarin34matte Tartarin34Miniat


1943 Marie-Martine (Production designer)
1943 Secrets (Production designer)
1942 L’appel du bled (Production designer)
1942 Le journal tombe à cinq heures (Production designer)
1942 Pension Jonas (Production designer)
1941 Volpone (Art director)
1941 Premier rendez-vous (Production designer)
1940 Battement de coeur ((Production designer) as Perrier)
1939 Le monde tremblera(Production designer)
1939 Les otages (Production designer)
1938 J’étais une aventurière (Production designer)
1938 L’ange que j’ai vendu (Production designer)
1938 Quadrille (Production designer)
1938 La Marsellesa (set designer)
1937 Désiré (Production designer)
1937 Marthe Richard au service de la France (Production designer)
1937 Le coupable (Production designer)
1937 Les perles de la couronne (Art director)
1936 Le mort en fuite (Art director)
1936 Anne-Marie (Production designer)
1935 Amants et voleurs (Production designer)
1935 Golgotha(Production designer)
1934 Les misérables (Production designer)
1934 Tartarin de Tarascon(Art director)
1934 End of the World (Art director)
1932 Le rosier de Madame Husson (Art director)
1932 Les croix de bois (Art director)
1931 La fin du monde(Art director)
1931 Les frères Karamazoff(Production designer)
1930 Tarakanova (Art director)
1927 Le capitaine Rascasse(Production designer)
1927 Le joueur d’échecs(Art director)
1924 Le miracle des loups(Production designer)
1923 Gossette (Set designer)