Jiri Stamfest


Jiri Stamfest was Born 1950 in Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic.
He studies arts and got his degree at the Fakulty of Education of the Charles University in Prague
Since 1972 he made external art participation in production animated films, graphic, artist( Kratky film Praha),
At 1988 he joined Barrandov Studios as a designer and visual effects specialist using traditional tricks for visual effects as matte painting and hanging miniatures.
Since 1998 till now Jiri Stamfest is working for UPP (Universal Production Partners) in Prague as a visual effects supervisor, designer and matte painting specialist – digital technology.

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2012- Red Tails (digital effects artist: UPP)
2011- Season of the Witch (digital matte paint artist)
2010- The Invited (matte artist)
2010- The The pillars of the Earth (TV Mini-Series) (senior matte painting artist – 8 episodes)

2009- The nutcracker in 3D (matte artist)
2009- 2012 (matte painter)
2009- Pandórum (senior matte painter: UPP)
2009- Tetro (matte artist – uncredited)
2009- The International (matte painter)
2008- The Andromeda strain(TV Mini-Series) (matte artist)
2008- The lucky ones (matte painter)
2007- Lednice (Short) (visual effects)

2007 – Youth Without Youth (matte artist)
2007 – “The Company” (mini) TV mini-series (matte artist)
2006 – The Year Without a Santa Claus (TV) (digital matte artist)
2006 – Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (digital matte painter: UPP)
2006 – Fallen (TV) (matte artist: digital painter)
2006 – The Illusionist (matte painter)
2006 – Flight 93 (TV) (matte artist: digital painter)
2006 – Tristan + Isolde (matte artist)
2005 – Snow Wonder (TV) (matte artist: digital painter)
2005 – Everything Is Illuminated (matte artist)
2005 – “Revelations” (mini) TV mini-series (matte artist: digital painter)
2004 – “Frankenstein” (mini) TV mini-series (matte painter)
2004 – AVP: Alien vs. Predator (matte artist: digital painter)
2004 – “The Grid” (mini) TV mini-series (matte artist: digital painter)
2004 – ‘Salem’s Lot (TV) (matte artist: digital painter)
2003 – Hitler: The Rise of Evil (TV) (matte artist: digital painter)
2003 – “Children of Dune” (mini) TV mini-series (matte artist: digital painter)
2003 – Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor (TV) (matte artist: digital painter)
2002 – Zatracení (matte artist: digital painter) The Damned (International: English title)
2002 – Young Arthur (TV) (matte artist: digital painter)
2001 – Mach, Sebestová a kouzelné sluchátko (computer graphics artist) (effects animator) aka Max, Sally and the Magic Phone (International: English title)
2001 – The Zookeeper (matte artist: digital painter)
2001 – Rebelové (animation) (digital artist) The Rebels (Europe: English title)
2000 – Pocetí mého mladsího bratra (animation) (digital artist) aka The Conception of My Younger Brother (International: English title)
1999 – The Talented Mr. Ripley (matte artist: digital painter)
1999 -Co chytnes v zite (animation) (optical effects) aka In the Rye (Canada: English title)
1999 Bunker – Eine todsichere Falle, Der (TV) (animation) (visual effects designer) The Last Bomb (International: English title)
1998 – Operation Noah (TV) (miniature gaffer) (model maker)
1997 – Nejasná zpráva o konci sveta (visual effects artist) aka An Ambiguous Report About the End of the World (USA)
1997 – Konto separato (visual effects artist)
1997 – Lotrando a Zubejda (visual effects artist) aka Ruffiano and Sweeteeth (International: English title)
1997 – Zdivocela zeme (visual effects artist)
1995 – Divoké pivo (visual effects artist)
1994 – Nexus 2.431 (visual effects artist)
1994 – V erbu lvice (visual effects artist)
1994 – Nesmluvená setkání (TV) (matte painter)
1992 – Schneewittchen und das Geheimnis der Zwerge (TV) (visual effects artist) aka Snow White
1992 – Kacenka a strasidla (animation) (visual effects artist)
1992 – Kacenka a zase ta strasidla (animation) (visual effects artist)
1991 – reonovy duch (animator) (visual effects artist)
1991 – O zapomnetlivém cernoknezníkovi (animation) (visual effects artist)
1990 – Uf – oni jsou tady (animation) (visual effects artist)
1990 – Vandronik (TV) (animation) (visual effects artist) aka O Janovi a podivuhodnem pøíteli (Czech Republic)
1989 – Pan Samochodzik i praskie tajemnice (animation) (visual effects artist) Mr. Samochodzik and the Secrets of Prague
1989 – Podzemelye vedm (visual effects artist) aka The Witches Cave
1988 – Cirkus Humberto (TV series) (matte painter)


- Nexus 2431 (1994)



Stamfest was responsible not only for the glass paintings, also the for painting the miniatures and backings.



They also used foreground miniatures.


- Zdislava z Lemberka aka V erbu lvice(1994)

verbulvice-dokr1 verbulvice-dokr2
- Podzemelye vedm aka The Witches Cave (1989)


- Schneewittchen und das Geheimnis der Zwerge (TV) aka Snow White (1992)