Jack Rabin

Date of birth 18 March 1914
Date of death 25 May 1987

Jack Rabin begun in 1937 at Selznick International Pictures under Jack Cosgrove, doing matte paintings, miniatures and opticals. He later was four years at FX departement of Warner Bros, and then go to T. C. FOX.
He joined with Irving Block, who created most of Hollywood’s special effects extravaganzas of the 1950s, including KRONOS and CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON. His partner Irving Block was an accomplished matte painter, Jack Rabin was probably in charge of matte photography and composition.



Eating Raoul (1982) (opticals)
The Bees (1978) (special effects)
Avalanche (1978) (opticals)
Fighting Mad (1976) (titles & opticals)
Jackson County Jail (1976) (optical effects)
Tunnel Vision (1976) (opticals)
‘Sheba, Baby’ (1975) (titles & opticals)
Friday Foster (1975) (titles & opticals)
Return to Macon County (1975) (opticals)

The Atomic Submarine (1959) (special effects designer and creator)
“Men Into Space” (1959) TV Series (special effects)
The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock (1959) (special photographic effects)
Behemoth, the Sea Monster (1959) (special effects)
The Last Mile (1959) (special effects)
Monster from Green Hell (1958) (special photographic effects)
The Mugger (1958) (special effects)
Murder by Contract (1958) (photographic effects)
Thundering Jets (1958) (visual effects supervisor)
Fort Bowie (1958) (photographic effects)
Macabre (1958) (special effects)
Cop Hater (1958) (special photographic effects)
God’s Little Acre (1958) (special photographic effects)
Desert Hell (1958) (special photographic effects)
War of the Satellites (1958) (special effects)
The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent (1957) (special effects creator)
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1957) (TV) (special effects)
Hell Bound (1957) (special effects)
The Invisible Boy (1957) (special effects)
Copper Sky (1957) (optical effects)
The Girl in Black Stockings (1957) (special photographic effects)
“Have Gun – Will Travel” (1957) TV Series (special photographic effects)
Bop Girl Goes Calypso (1957) (special effects)
Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957) (special effects creator)
Kronos (1957) (special effects)
Revolt at Fort Laramie (1957) (special photographic effects)
War Drums (1957) (special effects)
Men in War (1957) (special photographic effects)
Pharaoh’s Curse (1957) (special effects)
Voodoo Island (1957) (special effects)
Tomahawk Trail (1957) (photographic effects)
Plunder Road (1957) (photographic effects)
Back from the Dead (1957) (optical effects)
The Unknown Terror (1957) (optical effects)
Bayou (1957) (photographic effects)
The Black Sleep (1956) (photographic effects)
The Killing (1956) (photographic effects)
Crime Against Joe (1956) (photographic effects)
The Black Whip (1956) (special effects)
The Women of Pitcairn Island (1956) (photographic effects)
The Wild Party (1956) (special photographic effects)
The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956) (special effects)
Quincannon – Frontier Scout (1956) (photographic effects)
The Broken Star (1956) (special effects)
World Without End (1956) (special effects)
Three Bad Sisters (1956) (special effects)
“Gunsmoke” (1955) TV Series (optical effects) (1955-1959)
The Night of the Hunter (1955) (special photographic effects)
The Big Combo (1955) (special photographic effects)
Suddenly (1954) (photographic effects)
Shield for Murder (1954) (special photographic effects)
Bait (1954) (titles & optical effects)
Top Banana (1954) (title and effects)
Dragon’s Gold (1954) (special effects)
World for Ransom (1954) (optical effects) (as J. Rabin)
Beachhead (1954) (photographic effects)
War Paint (1953) (photographic effects)
Invaders from Mars (1953) (matte artist) (optical effects)
Paris Model (1953) (special effects)
Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) (special effects)
I, the Jury (1953) (special effects) (as J. Rabin)
The Neanderthal Man (1953) (special effects)
Robot Monster (1953) (special photographic effects)
The Moon Is Blue (1953) (special effects)
Port Sinister (1953) (special effects)
Stolen Identity (1953) (special effects)
The Star (1952) (special effects)
Invasion USA (1952) (special effects)
“Ramar of the Jungle” (1952) TV Series (titles and opticals)
Flight to Mars (1951) (special effects) (uncredited)
The Man From Planet X (1951) (optical effects) (uncredited)
Unknown World (1951) (special effects) (as J. R. Rabin)
Rocketship X-M (1950) (special photographic effects designer)
Reign of Terror (1949) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
Home of the Brave (1949) (special effects) (as J.R. Rabin)
Red Stallion in the Rockies (1949) (special art effects)
In This Corner (1948) (special art effects)
Man from Texas (1948) (matte effects)
Let’s Live a Little (1948) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
He Walked by Night (1948) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
The Amazing Mr. X (1948) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
Northwest Stampede (1948) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
The Noose Hangs High (1948) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
Raw Deal (1948) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
Adventures of Casanova (1948) (special effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
T-Men (1947) (special art effects)
Repeat Performance (1947) (special art effects) (as Jack R. Rabin)
Lost Honeymoon (1947) (special art effects)