About this site

Hi!, my name is Domingo Lizcano. I’m an FX artist working in Madrid and an enthusiastic fan of those old-time tricks.

At this CGI era, I think we shouldn’t forget all the great artist which throughout the years, they have created worlds of fantasy and reality with brushes and paint, wood and plaster and tons on skillful artistry.

These web pages are dedicated to all the artist, artisans and technicians working in the entertainment industry.

This page has not profitable intention but to share information and to pay tribute to all the mentioned artists. The rights of the photos belong to their legal owners.

I truly believe that sharing information and knowledge is the basis of human culture, and if you have any comment, I’d love to hear from you.

On that site, you will see pictures that I’ve got from books, magazines and websites. Some of the graphic material has been sent to me from people like James Aupperle, David Mattingly, David Stipes, or Rocco Gioffre. To make that site I have got the help of many people to whom I’m, sincerely thankful for their information and collaboration: Bob and Joy Cuff, John Grant, Richard Taylor, Amedeo Gigli, Gerald Larn, Harry Walton, Jean Pierre Trevor, John De Cuir senior, Deirdre Leblanc, Paul Swendsen, Pony Horton, Richard Kilroy, Terry Adlam, Steven Begg, Peter Cook, Emilio Ruiz, Julian Martin, and many others. All the material that comes from books, or websites, I’m, trying to identify the source and add a link. Creating that site is a huge task, it demands a lot of work and I’ve probably forgotten to identify the source of some material. I apologize for any omission or error and ask you to please notify me to correct it.

 you can contact me at: artinmovies@yahoo.es


This site is a new version of the old one I made during the last ten years. I’m going to preserve the old one until all the material will be at the new Site.
You can visit the old Site at:

I also have a Blog dedicated to matte paintings.




An extraordinary Blog by matte enthusiast Peter Cook dedicated to Visual effects “old style” within deep approach of the Golden Era Matte Paintings.


Web Site of British visual effects technician Dennis Lowe who is doing an exceptional work with his documentaries on British FX artists like Les Bowie, Brian Johnson, Nick Allder, Leigh Took, etc… Highly recommended for FX fans, don’t miss the “Alien” documentaries.

If you are a member of Facebook you can also become a member of the Traditional Matte Painting fan Club. Just enter Facebook and search for the traditional matte painting group.


An excellent website dedicated to digital matte paintings