Cleopatra (1963)

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Cinematography by Leon Shamroy /Jack Hildyard (uncredited)
Production Design by John DeCuir
Art Direction: Herman A. Blumenthal/Hilyard M. Brown/ Boris Juraga
Special effects: Johnny Borgese
Mechanical effects: William F. Mittlestedt
Special Photographic Effects: Emile Kosa Jr/ L.B. Abbott
Matte artist: Joseph Natanson / Mary Adshead Bone /Ralph Hammeras
Miniatures supervisor:Herbert Cheek
Second unit director: Ray Kellogg
Scenic artist:Ferdinand Bellan
Scene painter:Italo Tomassi

Matte paintings at Pinewood : Cliff Culley, Peter Melrose

Cleopatra(1963) It was first planned to be filmed on Pinewood Studios, England. Rouben Mamoulian was the director of the film, before he was replaced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Some huge sets were built and even some glass paintings were done by Cliff Culley and Peter Melrose. The production finally moved to Cinecitta Studios, Italy and the matte paintings were made by several artists under the supervision of Emile Kosa Jr.

Thehuge glass painting Alexandria was painted by Joseph Nathanson and Mary Adshead Bone on location. For more information about it read Natanson’s memoirs on Cleopatra.

Joseph and Mary with a section of the huge glass painting filmed on location at Torre Astura.


Cleopatra matte 03


That second huge double glass painting was made by veteran Ralph Hammers, also in the location. The horse statue hide the union of the two glasses


The third and last matte painting was probably done at T.C.FOX matte department under Emile Kosa Jr.