Cleopatra (1963)

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Cinematography by Leon Shamroy /Jack Hildyard (uncredited)
Production Design by John DeCuir
Art Direction: Herman A. Blumenthal/Hilyard M. Brown/ Boris Juraga
Special effects: Johnny Borgese
Mechanical effects: William F. Mittlestedt
Special Photographic Effects: Emile Kosa Jr/ L.B. Abbott
Matte artist: Joseph Natanson / Mary Adshead Bone /Ralph Hammeras
Miniatures supervisor:Herbert Cheek
Second unit director: Ray Kellogg
Scenic artist:Ferdinand Bellan
Scene painter:Italo Tomassi


Joseph Nathanson and Mary Adshead Bone with a section of the huge glass painting filmed on location at Torre Astura.

For more information about it read Natanson’s memoirs on Cleopatra.


Cleopatra matte 03

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