Macbeth (1971)

Special effects: Ted Samuels
Matte painting: Gerald Larn /Doug Ferris
Matte camera: John Grant




Comments by matte artist Gerald Larn:


“My work on “MACBETH” was interesting. Roman Polanski asked me to design Macduff’s castle for an exterior shot that was going to appear just once in the film (and even then the building was only going to be seen at some distance). I had to produce a number of drawings, but all were rejected as not having the
characteristics Roman had in mind. He finally accepted an offering looking more like a fortified manor house than a castle. In the film, the castle occupies a very small area and is perched on a very distant hill. There was a further couple of gloomy nighttime close-up paintings of Macbeth’s castle that I carried out.”


A matte shot tests of paintings for MACBETH.