Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966)

Fx supervisor:  Ted Samuels
Fx supervisor: Ted Samuels
Matte paintings: Gerald Larn

Comments by matte artist Gerald Larn:

What I am sure of is that I had to visualize and paint the crashed flying saucer matte very early in the production of the film. At that point, the flying saucer model (later to be filmed on our effects stage) had not yet been made. The only saucer reference I had to work from was a selection of scale drawings being prepared for the construction of the model. I can remember it being a tricky operation trying to design the craft from those drawings and at the same time ensure the saucer sat convincingly on the circular underbelly built on the set. It ended up being a series of compromises with which I was never entirely satisfied.

Nevertheless, it’s yet another very pleasant meander down memory lane for me and yes, there was quite a lot of matte work involved in the other shots, adding and topping up ruined buildings.