Boris Masník

Boris Masník (born April 11, 1951) is an artist and film effects supervisor. He studied television and film graphics at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. In 1977 he joined the Barrandov stunt studio. For the next 21 years, he has worked as a film effects specialist for almost a hundred Czech and foreign film and audiovisual projects. He cooperated in the search and implementation of new trick technologies. In 1998 he joined UPP (Universal Production Partners) in Prague, which is dedicated to digital post-production, computer animation, and film effects. It focuses on the links between classic film processes and new digital technologies. His work was awarded the Alfréd Radok Prize at the 1999 IFF in Karlovy Vary. He is also an active professor at various universities and film colleges.


Boris Masnik working on a glass painting for the film “Stalingrad” (1993)

stalingrad_01stalingrad 2




2016- Who’s Who in Mycology (Short) (special effects)
2013- Kovár z Podlesí (visual effects supervisor)
2013- -Horící ker (TV Mini-Series) (visual effects supervisor – 3 episodes)
2009-Proc bychom se netopili (TV Series) (FX supervisor – 2 episodes)
2008- Smutek paní Snajderové (special effects)
2008- Tobruk (prep artist)
2008- O rodicích a detech (visual effects)
2006- Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále (visual effects supervisor: UPP)
2006- -Der letzte Zug (visual effects supervisor: UPP)
2006- Perfume: The Story of a murderer (miniatures supervisor: UPP)
2005- Andel páne (visual effects supervisor)
2005- Hostel (visual effects supervisor: Czech Republic)
2003- O Jecmínkovi (TV Movie) (special effects)
2002- Andelská tvár (special effects supervisor)
2001- Bez tváre (special effects)
2000- Samotári (computer special effects)
1999- Z pekla stestí (computer special effects)
1999- Vsichni moji blízcí (special effects supervisor)
1996- Kolya (special effects)
1993- Sakalí léta (special effects)
1993 – Stalingrad (VFX/matte painting)
1991- Carodejky z predmestí (special effects)
1991- Slunce, seno, erotika (special effects)
1989- Nebojsa (special effects)
1989- Slunce, seno a pár facek (special effects)
1988- Jak básníkum chutná zivot (special effects)
1987- O princezne Jasnence a létajícím sevci (special effects)
1987- Veselé vánoce prejí chobotnice (special effects)
1987- Chobotnice z druhého patra (special effects)
1986- Chobotnice z druhého patra (TV Series) (special effects – 1 episode)
1986Carovné dedictví (special effects)
1985- S certy nejsou zerty (special photographic effects)
1984- Poklad hrabete Chamaré (special effects)
1984- Tajna starog tavana (trick effects cinematographer)
1983- Létající Cestmír (TV Mini-Series) (special effects – 5 episodes)
1983- Návstevníci (TV Series) (special effects – 15 episodes)
1979- Tajemství Ocelového mesta (special effects)