Outrageous Fortune (1987)

Director: Arthur Hiller
Director of photography: David M. Walsh
Production Design: James Dowell Vance
Special visual effects supervisor: Michael Lloyd
Visual effects /Matte paintings: Robert Scifo
Visual effects unit: Phil Huff, Steve Rundell

The final action sequence of the film is full of matte paintings showing how the main characters played by Shelley Long and Peter Coyote run and jump on a series of rocky outcrops.

Outrageous.F.01 Outrageous.F.02 Outrageous.F.03 Outrageous.F.04 Outrageous.F.05 Outrageous.F.06 Outrageous.F.07 Outrageous.F.08 Outrageous.F.09 Outrageous.F.090 Outrageous.F.091 Outrageous.F.092 Outrageous.F.093 Outrageous.F.094