The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

Director: Terry Gilliam
Production Design Dante Ferretti
Director of photography: Giuseppe Rotunno
Special effects supervisor: Richard Conway/ Antonio Parra (Spain)/ Adriano Pischiutta (Italy)
Matte photography consultant: Dennis Bartlett / Stanley W. Sayer
Optical effects supervisor: Kent Houston (Peerless Camera Co. Ltd)
Optical effects coordinator: Martin Body (Peerless Camera)
Matte painting: Bob Cuff/ Joy Cuff /Leigh Took/ Doug Ferris (Peerless Camera)
Matte camera: John Grant (Peerless Camera)
Models supervisor: model unit: Martin Gant


Before and after images of matte paintings from Munchausen.

Munchausenmatte1Baron Munch-before&after1b


Munchausenmatte3 Munchausenmatte4 Munchausenmatte5





Munchausenmatte7Munchausenmatte7b Munchausenmatte8munchausenmatte8b


Munchausenmatte90Baron Munch-before&after3

Munchausenmatte91Baron Munchausen end shot-total