Les croix de bois (1932)

Director: Raymond Bernard
Cinematography: Jules Kruger/ René Ribault
Art Direction: Jean Perrier
Matte painting: Unknown by probably art director Jean Perrier.

According to Leon Barsacq´s book ” A history of film design” When Percy Day leave France to return to England around 1932, some art directors like Jean Perrier begun to execute their own glass paintings for their films. There is a chance that Percy day made these paintings before moving to U.K. but most probably it was done a Jean Perrier or some other French artist.

Les croix de bois01 les croix de bois02 les croix de bois03les croix de bois05

The soldier´s hat disappears behind the painting during some frames.

les croix de bois04


That dawn on the battlefield looks like a miniature tabletop with a painted backing.

les croix de bois06

A battlefield set with a beautiful backdrop painting.

les croix de bois07