Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes (1965)

Director: Ken Annakin
Production Design: Thomas N. Morahan
Director of photography: Christopher Challis
Special effects supervisor: Richard Parker
Special effects: Ron Ballanger/ Jimmy Harris/ Fred Heather
Garth Inns/ Malcolm King/ Nick Middleton/ Jimmy Ward
Visual effects: Roy Field
Second unit cameraman: Skeets Kelly
Matte painting: Uncredited. probably Cliff Culley who was matte painter resident at Pinewood Studios where it was filmed part of the movie.

Two Scenic paintings made at Pinewood Studios.

Those mag01 Those mag02

Visual effects were handled by Roy Field who was during several years head of photographic effects at Pinewood Studios.  On the last image, the planes were composited into the Parisian view.

Thosemag03 ThoseMag04 ThoseMag05

Matte paintings probably by Cliff Culley who was the matte painter supervisor at Pinewood VFX department during more than two decades.On the first image, all the distant public on the upper part of the frame were painted. On the other three images, all the faraway Paris vistas and the upper part of the pavilion bleachers with the spectators were also painted. On the first one, the cloudy sky and the balloons look like part of the matte painting.

ThoseMag1 ThoseMag2 ThoseMag3 ThoseMag4