The Princess Bride (1987)

Directed: Rob Reiner
Cinematography : Adrian Biddle
Production Design: Norman Garwood
Special effects supervisor: Nick Allder
Model photographer: model photography unit: Paul Wilson
Matte painting by. Peerles camera , London
Matte Supervisor : Kent Houston, John Grant
Matte painter: Bob Cuff
Additional matte painting: Ken Marschall (Matte effects)

Miniature model ship filmedĀ  by Paul Wilson.

PrincessBride. miniature1 PrincessBride. miniature2


Matte paintings by Bob Cuff, photography and composition by Kent Houston and John Grant

PBride1 Pbride2 PBride3 PBride5

There is another matte painting shot that was probably requested by production during the editing process to be add at the ending scene, showing the four horsemen riding away. The matte painting was done by USA based company Matte effects. Ken Marschall (painting) and Bruce Block(photography)