Scott of the Antarctic (1948)

Director: Charles Frend
Director of photography: Osmond Borradaile/ Jack Cardiff/ Geoffrey Unsworth
Art Direction: Arne Åkermark
Special effects art director Jim Morahan
Special Effects: Sydney Pearson/ Richard Dendy / Norman Ough
Matte shots: Geoffrey Dickinson

Some matte paintings by Geoffrey Dickinson who was the in-house matte artist at Ealing Studios.

Scott of the Antarctic 00 Scott of the Antarctic 01 Scott of the Antarctic 02 Scott of the Antarctic 03 Scott of the Antarctic 04

Detailed miniatures were filmed under supervision of art director Jim Moraham, inclusing some snow landscapes with articulated small puppets for the walking men.

Scott of the Antarctic-Miniat01 Scott of the Antarctic-Miniat02 Scott of the Antarctic-Miniat03 Scott of the Antarctic-Miniat04 Scott of the Antarctic-Miniat05 Scott of the Antarctic-Miniat06