Paramount Pictures.

The Paramount Matte painting department was, unlike other companies, a one-man team.  For many decades he was the only matte artist at paramount. Gordon Jennings was head of Special photographic department with   his brother Devereaux Jennings and Dewey Wrigley as effects cinematographers. The team was  also Farciot Eduoart in charge of process and rear projection,  Irmin Roberts and his brother Bob matte cameramen, Paul Lerpae as optical effects compositor, and  Ivyl Burks and Art Smith as miniatures builders an . At 1953 after the death of Gordon Jennings, John P. Fulton became head of department.

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Jan Domela Jan Domela Jan Domela Jan DomelaChesley Bonestell(1950-55) Jan Domela  (until 1968)

1940- North West Mounted Police
1952- Thunder in the East
1955- The Court Jester
1967- Chuka