U.S.A.VFX Matte and miniatures

There are so many matte painting artist at the United States film History that is almost impossible to get them all on a single page. There were lots of them working freelance and jumping from one company to another, so  I´ve decided to created a list of production companies with a matte department, and VFX houses .  That´s also a big list and probably incomplete, but I will be adding new information from time to time.

20 Century Fox.
Columbia Pictures.
Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
Paramount Pictures
Republic Pictures
Samuel Goldwyn productions
Universal Pictures
Walt Disney productions
Warner Bros

VFX Houses:

Boss Film Studios
Butler and Glouner
Dream Quest Images
Film Effects of Hollywood (Linwood Dunn)
Frank Vander Veer Photo effects
Industrial Light and Magic
Jack Rabin-Irving Block-Louis DeWitt
The Howard Anderson Company