Saratoga Trunk (1945)

Director: Sam Wood
Director of photography: Ernest Haller
Production Design: Joseph St. Amand
Art Direction : Carl Jules Weyl
Special photographic effects: Lawrence W. Butler
Matte Painting : Mario Larrinaga

sa sar saratoga1 saratoga2 saratoga3 saratoga4 saratoga6

There are plenty of excellent matte paintings on that Warner Bros film. Most of the upper part of the buildings and skies on the street scenes were enhanced with matte paintings.


saratoga trunk

 The color image shows a matte painting by Mario Larrinaga. I can´t assure he was the only artist on the show,  probably there was another matte painters contributing.  In fact there was at the Warner Bros matte department such a great artists as Paul Detlefsen ,  Hans Bartholowsky or  Chesley Boestell.

saratoga5 saratoga8 saratoga9 saratoga90 saratogamatte