Silio Romagnoli


He was an established comic artist when Dino de Laurentiis call him to work on Barabbas (1961) as production illustrator and storyboard artist. He was introduced to Laurentiis by his friend Carlo Rambaldi.


A young Silio Romagnoli working on a comic cover illustration.

He then went to work on The Bible (1966) again providing big illustration and preproduction paintings. He was commissioned to make a glass shot. That was a new task he had never done before.  He painted on glass the upper part of the Babel Tower at location.


He also collaborated on Barbarella(1968) an Waterloo (1970) as production illustrator.  His works on film were sporadic and he focused mainly on his comic and illustration artist.

Illustrations by Romagnoli for The Bible, and Waterloo.

Bible Bible2-BabelWaterloo waterloo2


- Barabbas (1961) (illustrator and storyboard)
- The Bible: In the Beginning (1966) Illustration and glass shot)
- Barbarella (1968) (illustrator)
- Waterloo (1970) (illustrator)
- Le aventure di Pinocchio (1972) (TV series) (illustrator)