Robert Skotak

Robert Skotak is a visual effects designer-supervisor, writer, 2nd Unit director. Co founder with his brother Dennis (visual effects cameraman) of VFX house 4Ward productions.Robert is a talented viausl effects designer, matte painter, miniature maker and expert on forced perspective tricks.
Is also a noted film historian who has written dozens of articles for “Famous Monsters”, “Filmfax” and is the author of a biography of science fiction writer/director Ib Melchior.

You can visit his web site:


Robert (right) and his brother Dennis(left) with the model of Manhattan for Scape from New York.



2015 Harbinger Down (visual effects supervisor)
2012 Shot on the Spot (Short) (visual effects supervisor)
2011 SP: The motion picture kakumei hen (visual effects supervisor)
2011 Cosmic Origins 3D (Documentary) (visual effects supervisor)
2010 SP: The motion picture yabô hen (visual effects supervisor)
2010/I Road to Nowhere (visual effects supervisor)
2009 The Hole (visual effects sequence designer: Los Angeles, 4Ward Productions) / (visual effects supervisor: 4Ward Productions)
2008 Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (visual effects supervisor)
2007 Charlie Wilson´s war (visual effects supervisor: 4Ward Productions)
2007 Anamorph (matte artist: Whodoo EFX) / (special animator: Whodoo EFX)
2006 Trapped Ashes (special visual consultant) / (visual effects supervisor)
2006 Failure to launch(visual effects consultant: Whodoo EFX)
2005 The Naked Monster (advisor: visual effects)
2004 The Stepford Wives (visual effects art director: Whodoo EFX)
2004 Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (Video) (visual effects supervisor)
2003 Young MacGyver (TV Movie) (visual effects)
2003 X-Men 2 (visual effects supervisor: 4 Ward productions)
2002 The tuxedo (visual effects design)
2002 Joe and Max (TV Movie) (visual effects)
1999 House on Haunted Hill (visual effects supervisor)
1998 Hard Rain (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions)
1997 Mouse hunt (visual effects supervisor: 4-ward productions)
1997 Titanic (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions)
1996 Mars Attacks! (visual effects designer: 4-Ward Productions – uncredited)
1996 The arrival (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions)
1996 Terminator 2 3-D: Battle Across Time (Short) (special miniature effects)
1995 The Alien Within (TV Movie) (visual effects)
1995 Tank Girl (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions)
1994 The pagemaster(visual effects producer: 4-Ward Productions) / (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions)
1994 No Scape (visual effects supervisor)
1994 Clifford (visual effects supervisor)
1993 Heart and souls (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions, Inc.)
1992 Captain Ron (special miniature effects)
1992 Honey, I Blew up the Kid (visual effects: 4-Ward Productions)
1992 Batman returns (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions)
1991 Cast a deadly spell (TV Movie) (visual effects supervisor: 4-ward productions)
1991 Terminator 2: Judgement dayl (special visual effects sequences: 4-Ward Productions) / (visual effects supervisor: 4-Ward Productions)
1990 Syngenor (visual effects consultant)
1990 Darkman (visual effects supervisor: 4-ward productions)
1990 Tremors (visual effects supervisor: 4-ward productions)
1989 Abyss (visual effects supervisor: Los Angeles surface unit)
1989 Lords of the deep (visual effects)
1986 Aliens (visual effects supervisor)
1985 Creature (special designer: The L.A. Effects Group Inc.) / (visual effects director: The L.A. Effects Group Inc.)
1984 City Limits (visual effects supervisor)
1983 To be or not to be (visual effects – uncredited)
1983 Strange invaders (visual effects consultant)
1983 Jaws 3-D(visual effects – uncredited)
1983 The Jupiter Menace (Documentary) (technical director: Private Stock Effects – as Bob Skotak)
1982 Slapstick (Of Another Kind) (special visual consultant: Private Stock Effects)
1982 Forbidden World (production designer: special visual effects)
1982 The aftermath (matte shots / (visual effects)
1981 Galaxi of terror (special visual effects – uncredited)
1981 Scape fropm New York (matte artwork – as Bob Skotak)
1980 Battle Beyond the Stars (miniature design and construction) / (special designs/effects creations)
1979 Starstruck (TV Movie) (miniature design and construction)
1977 The Demon Lover (special effects)