Darrell A. Anderson.


Born in California, 1933, the son of Howard Alvin. Anderson, and brother of Howard Andrew  Anderson. His father founded Howard Anderson Special Photographic Effects Company.  Both brothers joined his father company providing opticals, titles, mattes, and miniatures. Darrell became matte artist and cinematographer.  The Howard A. Anderson Company worked extensively for TV series during the 60´s and 70´s

The Anderson Company’s work on Star Trek was nominated for an Emmy Award twice (both times together with other companies providing effects for Star Trek): In 1967 Darrell Anderson was nominated for Individual Achievements in Cinematography, together with Dunn and Joseph Westheimer and in 1969 the company was nominated for Special Classification Achievements together with the Westheimer Company, Van der Veer Photo Effects and Cinema Research.


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1979 J-Men Forever (photographer: second unit – as Darrell Anderson)
1978 Superman (additional model photography: USA – as Darrell Anderson)
1972 The Dirt Gang (special photographic consultant)
1967-1968 The invaders (TV Series) (special photographic effects – 40 episodes)
1966- 1969 Star Treck (TV Series) (special effects – as Darrell Anderson)
1964 Seven days of May (opticals – uncredited)
1950 Trípoli (special photographic effects)


The list of titles credited for Howard Anderson Company is huge, and I can imagine Darrell worked on most of  the films specially from the 50´s to 70´s.