Atlantis the Lost Continent (1961)

Director: George Pal
Cinematography : Harold E. Wellman
Art Direction : George W. Davis / William Ferrari
Makeup Department: William Tuttle
Special photographic Effects: A. Arnold Gillespie /Robert R. Hoag
Matte painting supervisor:Lee LeBlanc
Matte artist: Matthew Yuricich
Visual effects (animation) Project unlimited: Wah Chang / Jim Danforth/ Gene Warren

Matte paintings made at MGM matte department under Lee LeBlanc.

Atlantis1 Atlantis2 Atlantis3 Atlantis4 Atlantis5

That was a reused matte painting of the Roman circus painted by Peter Ellenshaw for Quo Vadis? (1951) It was also a MGM film, so they just add the triangle hole painting on the floor.

Atlantis6b Atlantis7 Atlantis8

Miniatures  made by Arnold Gillespie unit.

Atlantisminia4 Atlantisminia5 Atlantisminiat1 Atlantisminiat2 Atlantisminiat3 Atlantisminiat6

Mutant creature makeup by William Tutle.