David Allen


22 October 1944, Los Angeles, California, USA
16 August 1999, Burbank, California, USA (cancer)

Became interested in stop motion animation after seeing a re-release of “King Kong” at the age of six.
Following college Allen found gainful employment at Clokey Studios doing animation for the TV shows “Gumby” and “Davey and Goliath.”.
When he died he was trying to complete a movie called The Primevals. It is an out growth of his original film project called Raiders of the Stone Ring, which was only a trailer.



Photo of David Allen as he was working on “The Magic Treasure”, a short puppet film that David wrote and created. This was a collaborative effort between David Allen (writer, director, producer, key animator) and some of his friends: David Stipes (co-producer, sets, props, some armatures), Jim Duron (associate-producer,sets, art direction) Linda Duron (costuming) Margo Stipes (sets and props) and others. This photo was from the mid 1970′s.The project spanned more than a decade with David Allen finishing it in 1980s. In spite of its uplifting message and charming look, David could never find a market for it. Fortunately it was included as a special feature in the Criterion Collection 2006 release of “Equinox.”

Photo courtesy of to David Stipes


Animating one of the creatures from the film Flesh Gordon.

DavidAllenFlesh flesh-gordon-29

Allen animating an alien creature on the film The day time ended.

DAllenTimeended Timended

David Allen at work on Willow



1996 Galgameth (visual effects supervisor)
1996 Special Effects: Anything Can Happen (documentary short) (stop motion animator: King Kong sequence)
1996 The Arrival (visual effects – uncredited)
1996 Oblivion 2: Backlash (visual effects director – as David Allen)
1995 Prehysteria! 3
1994 Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (video) (puppet effects supervisor – as David Allen)
1994 Shrunken Heads (visual effects coordinator – as David Allen)
1994 Oblivion (special visual effects)
1994 Bloodlust: Subspecies III (video) (stop motion supervisor)
1993 Puppet Master 4 (video) (puppet effects supervisor – as David Allen)
1993 Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (video) (special effects animation)
1993 Freaked (stop motion animation)
1993 Prehysteria! (special effects)
1993 Robot Wars (visual effects supervisor)
1992 Doctor Mordrid (special effects animation, visual effects – as David Allen)
1992 Demonic Toys (video) (stop motion animation)
1991 Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge (video) (stop motion animator: David Allen Productions, visual effects producer: David Allen Productions)
1991 Subspecies (visual effects director)
1991 Oscar (animated main title, visual effects – as David Allen)
1991 Puppet Master II (video) (visual effects supervisor: David Allen Productions)
1990 Robot Jox (visual effects – as David Allen)
1990 Bride of Re-Animator (special effects – as David Allen, special effects supervisor: David Allen Productions, special makeup effects: David Allen Productions, stop motion animation and miniatures: David Allen Productions)
1989 Puppet Master (video) (puppet animator, visual effects supervisor)
1989 Enemies, a Love Story (special effects)
1989 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (stop motion animator/stop motion ant crew, stop motion animator: ant sequence – as David Allen)
1989 Ghostbusters II (character performer: ILM – as David Allen)
1988 Ghoulies II (stop motion sequences)
1988 Willow (chief puppeteer – as David Allen)
1988 Pulse Pounders (visual effects supervisor)
1987 *batteries not included (chief puppeteer – uncredited, visual effects: rod puppet/stop motion supervisor: ILM)
1987 Dolls (special visual effects)
1986 Eliminators (special optical effects)
1985 Young Sherlock Holmes (chief puppeteer – as David Allen, pastry sequence motion supervisor: ILM – as David Allen)
1985 The Stuff (special visual effects – as David Allen)
1984 Ragewar (visual effects designer – as David Allen)
1984 trancers(stop-motion animator – uncredited)
1983 Twilight Zone: The Movie (visual effects – segment 4 / as David Allan)
1983 The Hunger (stop motion animator: monkey sequence – as David Allen)
1982 Q (special visual effects – as David Allen)
1982 White Dog (prosthetics)
1981 Caveman (visual effects supervisor – as David Allen)
1981 The Howling (stop motion animation – as David Allen)
1980 The Day Time Ended (dimensional animation – as David Allen, technical advisor – as David Allen)
1980 Witches’ Brew (creator: “Lucifer” demon – as David Allen)
1978 Laserblast (animation effects)
1977 The Crater Lake Monster (stop motion supervisor)
1975 Lost on Paradise Island (special effects)
1974 Flesh Gordon (stop motion)
1970 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (stop motion effects)
1970 Equinox (special photographic effects, stop motion effects)
1967 Davey and Goliath (TV series)
1967 The Gumby Show (TV Series) (special effects – 1967-1968)