Henri Ferdinand Bellan


16 June 1897Date of Death1976

Since 1920, when he left his studies in the Vienna Art School and went to work in Berlin, he has been associated with the following productions as co-designer: .’Anne Boleyn’, ‘Sumarun’, ‘Madam Dubarry’, ‘Congress Dances’, ‘Thief of Baghdad’, ‘The Drum’, ‘Four Feathers’, ‘Dark Journey’, ‘Perfect Stranger’-to name only a few.
He also has a great reputation as a scenic artist and has painted the most gigantic tapestries and mural paintings in so short a time as to be considered almost miraculous.

Self portrait of Ferdinand Bellan



1919 Madame Dubarry
1920 Sumurun
1920 Anna Boleyn
1924 Die Wunderlich Geschichten des Theodor Huber (Set design)
1926 Liebe “Die Herzogin von Langeais” (Set design)
1926 Das Tanzende Wien. An der Schonen Blauen Donau. 1 (Set design)
1927 Das Tanzende Wien. An der Schonen Blauen Donau. 2
1928 La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc
1929 Meine Schwester und Ich (Set design)
1929 Cagliostro
1930 Die Marquise von Pompadour
1931 Schachmatt (Set design)
1931 Hilfe Uberfall
1931 Congress Dances (Der Congress Tanzt)
1932 Knights without Armour
1933 The Private Lives of Henry VIII
1934 Madame Dubarry
1935 The Dictator
1935 Les Nuits Moscovites
1935 Don Quixote
1936 Tarass Bulba
1936 Things to Come
1936 Whom the Gods Love
1937 Fire over England
1937 Dark Journey (set designer)
1937 The Return of the Scarlett Pimpernel
1937 Knight without Armour
1937 I Claudius (Mosaic settings)
1938 The Drum (associate art director)
1939 Goodbye Mr Chips
1939 The Four Feathers
1940 Thief of Baghdad (associate art director)
1940 Manon Lescaut
1941 Major Barbara (assistant art director)
1941 That Hamilton Woman
1941 The First of the Few
1943 Millions Like Us
1945 Caesar and Cleopatra
1945 Perfect Strangers (associate art director)
1945 Maria Chapdelaine
1947 An Ideal Husband
1947 Night Beat (Set design)
1948 Anna Karenina
1948 Bonnie Prince Charlie
1949 The Third Man (assistant art director)
1949 The Angel with the Trumpet (scenic artist) (uncredited)
1950 The Mudlark
1950 The Adventurers
1950 Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
1950 Maria Chapdelaine (The Naked Heart in USA) (Set design)
1953 Salome
1953 Melba Director L Milestone
1954 Malaga
1955 Summer Madness (assistant art director)
1956 Alexander the Great
1957 A King in New York
1957 Dangerous Exile
1957 A Farewell to Arms
1959 Holiday in Spain
1960 The World of Suzie Wong
1963 Cleopatra (scenic artist) (uncredited)
1964 Becket (scenic artist)
1964 The Magnificant Showman
1965 The Agony and the Ecstacy
1966 After the Fox
1967 The Honeypot
1966 The Quiller Memorandum (scenic artist) (uncredited)
1967 Casino Royale
1968 Great Catherine (scenic artist)
1969 Anne of the Thousand Days (scenic artist) (uncredited)
1969 The Assassination Bureau (scenic artist) (uncredited)
1969 Where’s Jack
1971 Nicholas and Alexandra
1974 Conversation Piece