Master of the World (1961)

Director: William Witney
Cinematography by Gilbert Warrenton
Production Design by Daniel Haller
Special photographic effects: Butler and Glouner INC, and Ray Mercer ASC
Special effects: Gene Warren, Tim Barr, Wah Chang (Project Unlimited)
Special effects technician: Marcel and Victor Delgado.
Special props and effects: Pat Dinga
Albatros model maker: Howard Weeks
Matte painting: Unknown (probably Bill Brace)
Miniature maker: Jim Danforth
Process photography: Bob Hansard

Master of the World.Matte1 Master of the World.matte2

Master of the World.3Master of the World.5Master of the World.6Master of the World.4Master of the World.2


The Albatross composited over the London miniature made by Walter Percy Day for “Henry V”(1944)