Superman III (1983)

Director: Richard Lester
Cinematography by Robert Paynter
Production Design by Peter Murton
Supervisor of optical visual effects: Roy Field
Director of special effects: Colin Chilvers
Special effects supervisor: Martin Gutteridge
Supervisor of model effects: Derek Meddings
Front projection consultant: Zoran Perisic
Matte supervisor: process unit: Dennis Bartlett
Optical and matte photography: Peter Harman Martin Body
Matte artist: Peter Melrose Charles Stoneham
Assistant matte artist: Janice Body
A Cervin Robinson still from New York was again used for that impressive shot. Some matte painting work was done to blend the still photograph, with the live action set.


Matte painting extensions were used for aerial shots of the chemical plant to add scope.

The frozen lake were achieved using a painted glass matte.


Matte painted mountains over a background plate filmed in Italy were married with cloudy water tank footage shot by Roy Field that was double printed onto the plate to create a tornado long shot.


For the locked off shot of Superman ramming into the ship, the live action was filmed on a partially complete mock-up at Pinewood, a matte painting was used to enhance the scenesup3-91

Matte painting were used to show the power cut on American Continent.sup3-7  supe-9
Power cut effect on the City.


Miniature effects.

Super3Miniat super3Miniat1 Super3Miniat2