Superman II (1980)

Director: Richard Lester , Richard Donner(uncredited)
Cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth, Robert Paynter
Production Design by John Barry , Peter Murton
Supervisor of optical visual effects: Roy Field
Supervisor & director of special effects: Colin Chilvers
Supervisor of model effects: Derek Meddings
Zoptic special effects: Zoran Perisic
Director of photography: flying unitDenys N. Coop
Travelling matte supervisor: Dennis Bartlett
Matte artist: Doug Ferris
Matte artist and illustrator: Ivor Beddoes
Matte camera operator: Peter Hammond Peter Harman
Matte camera assistant: Keith Holland

Most of SUPERMAN II’ scityscapes were achieved using miniatures that were used as cycloramas and matted backgrounds.
Some of the shots are a collage of real sets, still photos, matte enhancements, miniatures and even a bit of process work. The still photographer was Cervin Robinson.

sup2-e sup2-f

For the shots of Superman flying on space Derek Meddings used his rotating model planet Earth.


The fortress of solitude behind the crystal is a matte painting


The ceiling of the control room is a matte painting.


The upper and right portion of the frame are paited.During one second the hand of the actor desappeard behind the matte line.


Matte artist Ivor Beddoes working in a glass painting.


The far away view of the street above superman was a matte painting.


The process background behind Zod and Ursa in the street is a mixture of live action and model miniature by Derek Meddings


Derek Meddings and his crew during the filming of the miniature Metropolis street scenes.


Derek Meddings with the barn miniature.