Peter Wood


Scenic artist Peter Wood was comissioned to execute the cave matte painting for The man who would be king.

Man King-Cave1

Two scenic paintings from The City Under the Sea(1965)

City.undertheSea-Scenic City.undertheSea-Scenic2

1982 VĂ­ctor Victoria (additional scenic artist)
1975 The man who would be king (matte painting)
1978 The Odd Job (scenic artist)
1972 Endless Night (scenic artist)
1971 The House That Dripped Blood (scenic artist )
1970 Entertaining Mr. Sloane (scenic artist )
1966 The Deadly Affair (scenic artist)
1966 Khartoum (scenic artist – uncredited)
1965 The City Under the Sea (scenic artist)
1962 In search of castaways (scenic artist)
1962 Jigsaw (scenic artist – uncredited)
1961 The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (scenic artist)
1955 Carrington V.C. (scenic artist – uncredited)
1950 The Happiest Days of Your Life (scenic artist)